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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Trying to be Tourists
Saturday 9th July - Bruges


For those who have lost track of the time, it’s day two of our “return to Brugge tour” and this morning we were out and about late enough so that we didn’t have to set an alarm or anything silly like that, but still early enough so that by the time we arrived in the market square, the City Tour buses were not quite in their stride, and the cafes were entirely devoid of people.

With a bit of luck equally devoid of nasty viruses.   (Not that many in the crowd seem at all concerned about that, and at present statistically at least the risk is considerably less than it is on the other side of the planet.)

We thought that all the empty cafes presented an opportunity that was too good to miss, and since it was coffee o’clock we chose two seats at a ring-side table and ordered coffee and with an embarrassed giggle, waffles, just like proper tourists.

We hadn’t even considered that before eleven, when the crowds start pouring in, there would be no reason to employ kitchen staff.   

Defeated, we put all thoughts of a tourist waffle aside for another day, enjoyed our coffee immensely and as we wandered somewhat aimlessly through the back streets of the town to our mooring, we realised that it was a Saturday and perhaps we should take the rest of the day off.  This being a tourist" business is tiring work.


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Pen Davis said...

First time I ever had Moules mariniere with frites was in Brugge, few in love with them and have been eating them ever since!

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