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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Bracing for a warm spell
Monday 11th July - Bruges

The weather people are warning us that the temperature will be into the thirties tomorrow, and sent us a “twenty-six degrees - feels like a lot more” kind of day today.  

At home with that sort of forecast we’d be thinking we could just about get away with wearing shorts.   Here while lying about in the afternoon shade one of us dons a light pullover and has another one standing by.

It might be a testament to how quickly we’ve acclimatised to life in Brugge that we’re wondering how we’ll keep our chocolate stash from melting.   

While one of us has suggested that simply eating it would solve this problem, the other (who is not addicted,) is less pragmatic in her view of exactly what constitutes a sensible level of consumption and what remains of our stock has therefore been moved to the bilge where it should remain at a delightful room temperature and out of easy reach.   

Hopefully it won’t be tainted at all by the smell of diesel.


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