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Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Battling Bureaucracy
Tuesday 5th July - Diksmuide

By late this evening, curiously as the setting sun seemed to be concentrating its dying rays on us alone, three emails arrived at once.   After yet another prod, our Waterways Permit finally arrived, and our French Bank has found yet another reason why sending us our debit card would not be in our interests.

After some weeks of banking shenanigans, this raised the ire of our dear friend, confidant and banking advisor who shall remain nameless (as indeed shall our bank).  He wrote this note in exasperation (very slightly paraphrased to enhance the translation) which seems to sum up our position quite nicely.

“If we were writing a skit for a one man show, I would find your answer very appropriate, but I will remain calm because I know that you have worked hard with this file and that you are not responsible for these great jokes, although you do pass them on.

If your legal department once again finds my proposal inappropriate, or if you do not find a solution to have the card transferred, both of us will leave your bank. 

I have a sense of humour but even I have my limits.

Online banks have a very bright future thanks to you, in the face of very dusty and unmovable institutions like yours.

I have an equally comical file in progress at (another branch), as a result of an aberration in your insurance services.  To increase your chances of promotion perhaps you should think about retraining yourself as a comedian.

Thank you for your efforts, hoping that you will be able to operate this perilous delivery."

After reading that, there was a glow of merriment aboard long after the sun’s rays had departed even our happy little ship.


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Clive H said...

Very funny Peter, but finding a banker with a sense of humour would be more difficult than collecting rocking horse poo! Good luck with your persuits 🤪 we wish you all the best!

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