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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Rain Dance.
Thursday 21st July - Beernem to V.V.W. Mendonk


For three years one of us has struggled to deal with cold toes whenever the temperature popped below twenty or so. The question as to the whereabouts of his ugg boots always met with the same dull response: “they’re on the boat”.

With the forecast of a few days of post-heatwave showers and cooler temperatures than we would prefer, our thoughts naturally turned in the direction of the whereabouts of our rain jackets which for reasons that are best left unexplored, appear to be “in the van” and therefore not particularly accessible should the need arise.

Despite holding a vague superstition that if we bought new jackets it may never rain again, when the opportunity arose we bought one each.  

There is a bit of a water problem in Europe at the moment, so in an equally superstitious attempt  to offset the meteorological effects of owning raincoats, we gave the boat a second coat of polish yesterday and didn’t even attempt to fix the windscreen wiper.  Perhaps only one of those was necessary, for we woke this morning to the sound of rain on our roof for the first time this year.  

Curiously perhaps, there really wasn’t enough rain to warrant getting the jackets out, but just enough to make seeing anything through the wet windscreen a bit of a bother.

As usual we set off late in the morning with only the vaguest idea of where we might end up, and arrived there in time for lunch as it turned out.  By then the weather hadn’t deteriorated but neither had it improved.  it was quite cool (some of us would say “cold”) out of doors although apparently not particularly unpleasant for those dressed for the conditions.  As we watched hikers and bicycle riders pass by with only little ruddy circles of cheeks and red noses visible, we decided that we don’t do “dressed for those conditions” particularly well when we have a perfectly good indoors in which to remain.

Instead, in the face of plummeting temperatures, we continued on our merry way snug in the confines of our little boat, dressed for the conditions, toes tucked safely away in our ugg boots, until by just about tea time, we’d really had enough for one day.


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