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Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Sunday 3rd July - Diksmuide

We’ve often discussed the wonder of just how inter-connected our water-based community is.  Life in our “long village” is an apparently endless round of catching up with one another and getting updates of who is up to what, and just occasionally an exchange of gifts designed to bemuse the recipient.

Yesterday, Grahame and Aileen (from NZ en-route by boat to the South of France) gave us a beautifully gift-wrapped package that contained the most extraordinary mechanical contraption designed for exterminating flies and other insects.

Today, our good friends and guests (from Mooloolaba en-route by car to their boat in the North of France) after a little practice met with some success using said contraption.

Why was it surprising then, with no knowledge of or even passing thought that the two ever having met, that when I sent this photograph to Aileen as an expression of gratitude for her thoughtful gift, that I should receive this reply?:

“Well done to Pat!” 

Well done to Aileen, I think!

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