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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Dry Roasted
Tuesday 19th July - Bruges


For much of the day we felt a bit the way peanuts must feel when they are about half way through the dry roasting process, with sub 20% humidity and quite unreasonable temperatures.  In the cool of the evening, say by nine, when the temperature drops to say 35 or so, we are quite grateful for our little bit of shade.

We get the occasional odd look when we moor on the opposite side of the canal to many of the locals.  Even when it’s not 40° we tend to drift towards the shady spots, and if we are lucky, positioning ourselves for a bit of early morning warmth which, according to folk who live for a sizeable part of the year in the absence of actual sunlight, is just not done.

They don’t understand why anyone would want to be in the afternoon shade preferring instead to drape all manner of sheets and covers over their boats in a somewhat futile attempt to stave off the heat, spending their days not hiding from the sun, but near naked and having regular cold showers.  The more sensible among them simply drive home for a few days until the worst of it is over.

We didn’t think the heat was affecting us too much, it’s only been for a couple of days after all but it must have been, because we’ve decided we’re leaving tomorrow.   

We don’t know where we are going, or even when, just that we are leaving.

As soon as the rain stops.


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