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Sunday, July 03, 2022

A Very Long Day
Friday 1st July - Diksmuide


It was chilly yesterday, and we were very glad to be inside and not out in the weather scraping tar from the bottom of our 25 metre barge, and while we may have felt a little bit sorry for Roy and Shiela as they did exactly that, we didn't offer to help. 

They were having welding work done on their hull so had the interior partially dismantled as well to minimise the risk of a fire getting out of control, so it only seemed fair that when we got together to swap cleaning stories in the evening, it would be on our ever so slightly more shipshape  “Joyeux”.

For those not familiar with life in these latitudes, when there is work to do, “evening” is a very long time away, and by the time it arrived, we had our little boat in sufficiently seaworthy condition to have moved it a kilometre or so from the shipyard to the yacht club marina. This was a great leap forward for us of course and came with the added luxury of fresh water and electricity on board, but not so great for the other two, who had quite a commute to find us at the end of a long day.

When eventually reunited as the evening turned into night, either we were enjoying each other’s company or we were all just too tired to move, because in a blink it was tomorrow, and for the second time in a day we extended our sympathy to the other pair as they disappeared into the chill of the night for their long trudge “home” while we smugly and quite gratefully tumbled into our nice warm bed.


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