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Sunday, July 17, 2022

This boating life
Saturday 16th July - Bruges

It’s strange to find ourselves on a boat in the middle of a drought that’s so severe that there’s a very real risk that some of the canals in France at least will be doing impersonations of the Todd River in Alice Springs if rain doesn’t arrive quite soon.   In Belgium things are not much better, with some waterway systems at risk of closing and all farm irrigation has been stopped in some areas which will have serious consequences for crops in a month or two.

If we had had a plan, it might have been thrown into chaos by all this uncertainty, and even now, fifty kilometres from our home port, there’s no guarantee that we will be able to return at a time that suits us.

So we went to the bakery and bought a truckload of “planning cakes” with an extra trailer-load thrown in because the baker said we’d come a very long way to try his products, put on a very large pot of coffee and spread charts and books all over the table.  With Dave and Ria’s expert eyes on the task, as a group we decided that we really should leave tomorrow.

Then we decided that it’s going to be very hot for the next few days, and we really do like it here, so we adjourned the meeting until some future date.


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