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Saturday, July 09, 2022

Friday 8th July - In Brugge

A repeating line in the movie “In Bruges”, describes this place as a “(insert rude word spoken in strong Irish Brogue) Fairyland” and we’ve always thought that the scenic tour it provides as the storyline weaves it’s way through the highlights of the town’s tourist heart is quite possibly the best summary of the place one could make.

Watch it to see what we mean, but be aware that in real life, we haven’t noticed any gunfights between Irish gangsters nor have we spotted any particularly nasty little people, but there is no absence of tourists, wave after wave of them as their buses arrive, lining up in front of  shops selling ice cream, waffles, lace and of course, beer (in no particular order and occasionally all at once). 

This, as they say somewhere else in the world, is not our first Rodeo, and we have no desire nor need to join them in their battle to see all of the sights of one of Europe’s most visited cities, “the Venice of the North” in just one day.  We are in our usual spot, a kilometre or so from where the mayhem takes place each day, across a narrow cobbled lane where for the cost of a month’s worth of mooring fees they stay for a night under four stars.  

Our bus does not leave at three, and the evenings are long and delightful. and of course our mornings begin long before they arrive as well.  

If we could figure out how to stop the rotten swans mucking up the reflections life would be perfect.


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