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Monday, July 25, 2022

Once More, Dear Friends
Sunday 23rd July - Sas Van Gent to V.V.W. Mendonk


A couple of nights ago we were watching the birds return to the exact spot on the beach that they’d congregated on the previous evening, and wondered what the attraction was and without thinking any more about it, found ourselves back here we are as well.

We half expected to stay in Sas Van Gent for a few more days, but about half-way through the process of deciding to move to a shadier spot in the face of another one-day heatwave, something in our internal homing devices clicked and quite unexpectedly we found ourselves heading back to Belgium once more.

Back at V.V.W Mendonk we were again welcomed with open arms as we reclaimed our spot at the end of the club pontoon, and without hesitation set about watching the birds, wondering where we’ll go tomorrow and playing with our favourite scientific formula.


Maybe it’s the smell of freshly washed clothes that brings the birds back too.


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