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Friday, July 15, 2022

Two Hundred Millimetres.
Thursday 14th July - Bruges

That bank is giving me nightmares!

I woke up this morning in a lather of sweat, after arguing all night with the nice man at the bank.   

In a momentary lapse of concentration it seems I accidentally deposited 200mm through the teller machine instead of 200€.   200mm of what exactly I have no idea, and it’s an easy mistake to make I’m sure anyone would agree, but there was no way they were going to give it back.  

I’m wondering if we’ll be able to withdraw it if they ever let us have another card.

In stark contrast, real life with our online bank is a pleasure, and it speaks as many languages and talks to as many devices as it feels necessary to get its point across.  Since it can’t send us cash and we occasionally still need some of that, I thought I’d head off to a teller machine in the middle of the day.

I came as close to the madding crowd as the view from a 200mm lens (could it have been the lens that I deposited in my dream?), possibly coincidentally quite near the entrance to the Salvator Dali Gallery, before deciding that I didn’t really want to do battle with all those people, bicycles, horses and horseless carriages that seemed to be picketing the only machine in a bull’s roar, so I backed quietly away.   

By four they will be gone, hopefully leaving just enough in the machine for our meagre purposes over the coming weeks!


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