Legends from our own lunchtimes

Monday, July 18, 2011


Sometimes it is hard for us to come to terms with exactly where we are and exactly what it is that we are doing here. This situation is mostly exacerbated by what has of late been a constant stream of old friends who have graciously take it upon themselves to track us down, and pop in for a bit.

Sitting as we were tonight, with Jan and Ian and now joined by Jayne and Peter, we spoke of the good old days, of things like the coffee rolls with pink icing from the bakery in Annerley and riding our bikes to Frog Rock and the year Weller's Hill beat Junction Park in the swimming competition and trying to remember whether the threepenny bus tickets were pink or green and whether it was the 5A or 5B bus that went down Cracknell Road.

All the while we were at our table in l'Excelsior in Nancy resplendent as it was on opening day in 1911.  Peering out into a street devoid of traffic and still so perfectly preserved in the Art Noveau style. We could perhaps be forgiven for thinking we had been transported back a century and a half.

But with each course the food would jolt us back to the present.

There was never any Foie Gras in Cracknell Road, at least as far as we could recall.


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