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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival has begun, and it would have been remiss of us not to have spent at least one day wandering among the stalls, eating crepe chocolate crepe until we looked like one, while watching the amazing array of performers as we walk the streets.

The atmosphere in the daytime at least is gentle and relaxed, the streets busy enough but not crowded, the visual feast sublime.

We spent an hour watching the indescribable: Children riding a carousel of cows fabricated from parts scrounged from the set of Mad Max, and powered by fathers pumping on the udder of another quite separate bovine, while mothers took turns to grind the organ accompaniment, the organ itself clearly built as a project by inmates of an asylum.

All the while a farmer silently watched and blew feathers over the riders in his charge.

Pure magic.

So this is what the Renaissance was like.



cara said...

did you get any shots of the carousel?? Sounds like something out of Delicatessen!

Gerry said...

I want one of those! No. . .maybe two or three?

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