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Friday, July 22, 2011

We could have spent the day digging further into the fascinating history of Nancy's architecture, or visiting one or more of the incredible museums, or perhaps just sitting in some six hundred year old building, quietly noting every detail.

Perhaps we could have wandered aimlessly through the ancient squares and gardens, breathing in the sculptural masterpieces and the manicured planting as we have done so often over the past few days and months.

The rain though, was continuing, and bringing with it a certain gloom and a chill that most don't associate with July in Europe, and the summer sales were on in full swing in places which were warm and brightly lit. It was therefore not much of a contest.

As a consequence, Miss Lily now owns a brand new overcoat with a hood, and the slightest hint of glitter in the purple weave which makes it look kind of magical even when it's not wet and is sure to make her the dahhling of the kindy set in a year or two if it still fits.

True to form, the purchase of said overcoat brought with it sufficient sunshine to allow us to embark on the next stage of our travels in the manner in which we are more accustomed, and so it was that by day's end we found ourselves on our way again, moored almost eight kilometres from our departure point, where the shadow of the Basilica of St.Nicolas-de-Port would be if the sun were shining from that direction.


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