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Sunday, July 10, 2011


We quite like Void.

It's name gives it away really, and there are plenty of spaces to explore in the town if one is patient enough and one has enough time, say thirty minutes or so. It's not as though it's not scenic or pretty or photogenic, it is all of those things, and has lots of little alleyways and vistas and downright charm, but it's the patisseries you see. There were two in town and we tried them both so as not to judge in haste. Both baked baguettes which were quite nice actually, but the other stuff looked terrific but under the sugar glazes had a bit of a supermarket ring to it, and that will never do as one is having coffee in a refuge tucked well out of the way of the westerlies.

It's an ill wind that blows no good they say, and judging by the amount of breeze there should have been plenty of good in the air today, more than enough to share.

Had we needed to traverse any locks on our way the wind may have been very ill indeed, as there is a fine line between neatly fitting a boat that is approaching four metres wide into a five metre doorway, and nearly fitting, and any breeze at all can be exactly the wrong amount while that is going on. However, yesterday's tunnel marked the top of our climb and we had twenty odd kilometres of canal, a canal bridge or two to cross and not much else in the way of challenging navigation.  All we had to do was avoid the hard edges until we needed to stop.

At that time the trick is to hit the hard bit in exactly the spot intended, tie up and hop off looking for all the world as though one has done it a thousand times, (which is probably actually how many times one has done it, so it's not usually a clever trick at all.).

Fortunately we managed to appear exactly as described, although no one needed to know we missed our intended mark by fifty metres or so. We could after all, always tell Sunny and Al that we saw they were having difficulty and wanted to leave them room to manoeuvre.


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