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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little bitty tear let me down.

The fog inside the boat began to lift today, that's the one that surrounds a one year old and her parents when one plucks them from their own surrounds, and unceremoniously tips them over on the other side of the world without regard for the time zone in which they had been living, while at the same time confining them for the better part of the time in a tiny space.

It was just as well that they'd pretty much grown into the space really, as the weather outside wasn't the sort to encourage lengthy exploration of our surrounds.

On the other hand, days like that are just perfect for eating fresh product from one of our favourite bakers, and just lying around with a beverage of choice nearby.

Nothing to shed a tear about, unless one's mother dashes out for a bit.

An apology or perhaps an explanation: 
For those receiving these posts by email, we now have broadband in sufficient quantity and silence sufficient as well, to catch up on the past weeks posts,  so I suspect your in boxes will be filled with a few more days of baby cuteness - it's ok, she's gone now and things will shortly return to normal!

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