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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Lazies

We like spending time in Toul, it's a nice harbour with some grass and some trees under which one can sit when like today the temperature hovers close to forty, and there always seems to be an interesting mix of people passing through.

We were scarcely here an hour before I'd borrowed a chartbook from Tuppence in the scruffy little yacht, lent it to Paul in the immaculate barge (who has a photocopier on board and kindly copied it for me too), given an electronic copy of our Perkins Workshop manual to Elsa in the little cruiser and had a discussion with the Danish guys in the yacht about our mutual interest (or lack thereof) in their future queen.

Of course the main reason for arriving a few days early was to get stuck in to a few jobs that needed doing, but the reality that not doing them was so much more interesting not to mention relaxing, soon sunk in and I started to put ticks against things that didn't need to be started at least until the day after tomorrow, which of course is the day that Jan and Ian arrive, and I am fairly sure will be too late to start anything.

Oh well, we'd better sit under the tree a bit longer and consider our options.


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