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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Tony Phoned

After the productivity of the yesterday one would be forgiven for expecting a certain momentum to carry through for the rest of the week at least, and indeed I had given passing thought to doing some more, but when we were woken at 4:30 by a ferociously vocal thunder storm, I took it as a warning that perhaps I should slow down for a bit.

We decided as the thunder roared and lightning flashed that the best course of action for the day, would be to stay in bed until the rain had gone away at the very least, and since the forecast suggested that may take a few days, it seemed as though working through the list had once again come to a quite agreeable end.

Suddenly, the telephone rang. I am not sure that there isn't something redundant in describing a telephone as ringing suddenly, as I am yet to meet a telephone which has worked out an alternative but that notwithstanding, when I answered it somewhat less suddenly it was "Our Tony" checking up on us.

When we told him we were in Toul and fixing plumbing, he seemed bemused if not concerned that we'd neither moved nor actually finished any of the things we'd started in the month since he'd left. Perhaps he had a point.


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Gerry said...

Great colour Midge!

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