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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mmmm... Cheeses
Lagrde to Hesse

"First thing" as most by now will understand,  is always a subjective measure of time when we are home in Lagarde, so when we told Maggie we were leaving "first thing" she quite rightly assumed we'd still be there after lunch and set about baking some bread to compliment all of Jacques' cheese stock which she had kindly passed to us, to his complete chagrin. I can assure all who may care to be assured, that just as the fury of a woman scorned is unmatched even in hell, then the grief of a Frenchman arriving home for lunch to find his boat entirely devoid of cheese has no equal on this earth, but it couldn't be helped, and all those goats and cows and sheep may rest assured that their work was not in vain.

While I was otherwise occupied moving "that" plumbing leak just one more time, the other of us, the one with a bottomless pit filled compassion, set about preparing a platter of Jacques cheeses to return as a parting gift.

With the leak finally eliminated and the slightest hint of colour returning to Jacques' face it seemed like a good time to declare the time to be "first thing", and so it is that tonight we sit in a forest outside of Hesse, with the bilge drying along with a load of washing, under clearing heading towards balmy skies, thinking we may just stay here till the cheese runs out.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

I can see you are very much enjoying having a photogenic little lady in the boat.

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