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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire

It was exactly one year ago today that Jacques popped the cork, spraying champagne all over our dear Joyeux and officially unveiling "his" new name.

It's truly been a marvellous year, one that has been at once all too short yet seems to have been going on forever. We have of course made all manner of new friends, and have become part of a new family in a sense or perhaps a new tribe, I'm not sure.

In the absence of a monster display of fireworks provided by the city, as would properly befit such an anniversary it seemed rather fitting that the end of our first "proper" year on the water should be celebrated quietly with some of our oldest friends, and some of our newest.

Of course the rest of France was celebrating as well, although perhaps they weren't conscious of why, confusing our special anniversary with their national day.


1 comment

Gerry said...

All good Midge!

And a special day for us too. . . . . . five years in Australia! What a great move!

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