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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Endings

If we were to conduct a poll among ourselves as to what exactly was our most prized possession aboard, I suspect that even if we owned a full replica suit of medieval body armour in silver polyester weave, the answer would still be "the washing machine". There was more than a little consternation a week or two ago when the behaviour of said prized possession began to deteriorate to the level at which it became socially unacceptable.

It began to bang and jump and spin horribly out of balance, performing not at all as the brochure had implied, culminating one day last week with a hissy-fit that could well have ended in more tears than Miss Lily can produce during a sleepless night, or for that matter her parents the morning after.

After the bang, which sounded for all the world explosion-like, we found it inverted on the floor of what we like to call our "utility room". The only explanation as to how it arrived in it's apparently preferred position in such a confined space, is that it executed a perfect half pike with full twist after launching itself vertically, somehow disconnecting itself from the electricity on the way down.

Clearly this was something that had to be placed on the list of things "to do" and so it was for a week or two, until Lily's dad made lifting and dismantling and remantling and strapping it down look all so simple. 

He did the same with the leaks too.

Perhaps I'll leave them on the list though, just to confuse me if ever I look at it again.


1 comment

Annie said...

wow..fantastic washing machine gymnastics. amazing!
good to have help on board!

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