Legends from our own lunchtimes

Sunday, July 31, 2011


It seems impossible, but on a canal barely fifteen metres wide, we had passed Paul and Cara heading in the other direction, without noticing them, nor they us. So disappointed were we all, that they decided to break their journey back to Holland and take the train back from Nancy for a final catch up for the year and a spot of lunch.

Lunch with Lil is not normally as long nor as lingering as perhaps one may desire it to be, but after a week or so of being confined in a space which really was not much bigger than a settee, her tolerance for such things was at some sort of peak, and it was late afternoon before we had to excuse ourselves, as we all had trains to catch.

In our case it was Paris that beckoned, and on arrival at our hotel, the freedom that came from living in a room which was big enough to hold a double bed was almost too much for the youngest of our party.

As a grandparent one does not have to be too concerned about ensuring there is a balance between having a good time and the reaching of a state which can be described as "over excitement".

As a grandparent, one's room is disconnected from the noises in the night.


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