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Saturday, July 09, 2011


If there's anything as black as five kilometres of tunnel, it's got to be not having enough food to share at lunchtime after you've gone through it, apparently.

We'd had a beaut rabbit stew as a sort of pre-tunnel meal with Al and Sunny the night before, and managed to salvage enough left overs to feed either a small army or perhaps two people, depending on one's point of view. As the holder of the latter view, I was a little bemused when the other of us even considered sharing our lunch. After all, we travel together we eat together and we even play confounded card games at night, surely no one will starve if they don't have access to a few molecules of rabbit and couscous with a dash of Harissa for lunch.

After a rather short discussion, we were I thought of one accord and we sat down, each to an adequate, if not generous pile of morsels and accoutrement.

We had barely commenced when her face went white as she saw the other two leave their boat to sit at a picnic table near ours.

"Hide!" she cried in anguish, pushing my head down onto the table at the same time. "The boat's moved, duck lower!" she urged again.

They seemed oblivious, sharing an apple, but she looked at what we had left on our plates and wondered if we could somehow repackage it. I ate faster to make sure we couldn't.

The other of us so choked with guilt, made a full confession to the confused merriment of the others, who as it turned out had had a rather splendid lunch of their own thanks very much. We were forgiven. There was light at the end of the tunnel.

With all that out of the way, we moseyed on to the improbably named but completely guilt-free town of Void.



cara said...

That is an excellent photo. Was the title intended to be a play on words ("gilt void" with the ;light being so golden??)
How fast were you going? How long was the exposure? It creates the illusion that you're speeding along really fast.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Cara. Exposure time was 1 second and we were travelling at four kilometres per hour. The camera was hand-held with an 18mm lens @ f4

Tunnels are a bit more challenging in a boat than in a car!

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