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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sight Seeing

We really had meant to go for a bit of a walk to the basilica before we left, but when we had a show of hands we couldn't count any voting "aye" and so we put it off for a later day, once again telling ourselves it's probably just another eighty five metre long, eighty five metre tall sixteenth century church interior, and we'll pop in when next we pass. Probably.

We had according to our plan, places to go, things to do, people to see and none of that would be possible if we tarried too long. Well it probably would be possible, but we'd not have time to tarry along the way, which of course is the most important part of going places.

Jet lag, or getting a tooth, or a cold, or a change of circumstances or just a one year old being one year old, had apparently kept those in the forward end of the boat awake for much of the night. This of course left them with a somewhat more diminished sense of well being long after day had dawned, than those sleeping in their customary aft quarters.

 The cause of all the angst did not seem nearly as concerned, and seemed quite anxious to explore this new land at any opportunity.  Her parents did manage to snatch some brief periods of respite as we motored along, just enough thankfully to get them through the round of cheery welcomes when we arrived in Lagarde.

I suspect the endless dinner party may not have done their cause much good either, but it was great to be "home", there will be time to sleep tomorrow after all, and the goat's cheese was devine.


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