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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Near Miss

The light show in Place Stanislas had ended strangely if not badly for us last night, with an encore of blue flashing lights on the red van which carried Jayne to hospital for the night. She's well now thankfully, the rest of us a little disconcerted at her sudden lapse from consciousness and thankful for the presence of the young Doctor who was in the crowd.

The show itself, when one observes its more usual conclusion, is extraordinary, with simultaneous projections animating all the buildings in the square.  I suppose one should expect no less from the town that Voltaire called home, and it gives us reason for staying up late, keeping our mind from what would otherwise be sleeplessness as the excitement builds while our next guests are travelling to us.

Jan and Ian left today, another week over in a flash, but for now we are distracted.

There is just one short sleep remaining until Miss Lily arrives in Paris with her parents and then I suspect, some sort of pandemonium may reign.

Paris may never be the same, and by hook or by crook we will be there to be its witness.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

Crikey, so many visitors. Do you run a hotel booking system? It will be a thrill to have the family there for a while.

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