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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Moving in Concert

That little buzzer in our brains went off this morning, and suddenly and illogically it was time to push on another few kilometres.

We are due to meet Jan and Ian in Toul a week from tomorrow.

 Coincidentally Al and Sunny have a similar deadline, and we have happily slotted into a pattern of crusing in company for the past week or so and consensus seems to be part of our habit now. While some would choose to travel that distance in a couple of days, visions of breaking wives flashed before the eyes of Al and I, and we thought that ten kilometres or so would be enough to round out our day nicely thanks very much, which would just enough to find us in Naix-aux-Forges in time to check out some cows, as is his want, and to photograph some buildings, as is mine.

It would have been nice to report that we moved silently out of the port in tandem as if moving to some invisible signal, perhaps a quiet nod from one to the other acknowledging that it was time to move, two boats moving in unison as if attached by a thread, but the only thing that was invisible was everything really, as Mr Perkins yawned and belched into life.

Al understood though, and at least one of us slipped quietly and unnoticed into the first lock followed by the other, disguised as a cloud of white smoke making a dull chugging noise.

To be fair, Mr P does settle quite quickly and seems to enjoy his outings these days, and the ports from which we depart must remain insect free for days after his fog lifts.

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