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Thursday, July 21, 2011

They're Here!

I suspect that if there is anything worse than the weariness of long distance air travel, it's the weariness that comes from waiting for long distance travellers to end their journey.

"Wake us any time after six" we had bravely offered in the wee small hours as we welcomed our progeny to this part of our lives. To be clear though, we didn't expect it to happen quite so soon after six. Actually if it had been any less after six it would have been before.

At least it gave us time for breakfast in a civilised fashion, and an equally leisurely stroll through a Paris that was rising from it's slumber while Miss Lily caught up on some of hers, tucked happily under cover in her stroller.

By mid afternoon when we actually arrived in Nancy we all seemed a little worse for wear, only Miss Lily seemed unfazed by it all, smiling on cue and talking on her telephone to any who would listen.

Sadly for those who hadn't slept for a couple of days, the rain of the day cleared enough for us to force them out at eleven to the square for a dose of coloured lights.   

Welcome to the jet-set!


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Gerry said...

Nice shot Pete! Enjoy!

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