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Sunday, August 02, 2015

A drive in the country - Thursday 23rd July -
Lagarde to Toul

If I hadn’t moaned about the lack of rain yesterday I’d be tempted to go on and on about it today.  The drive back from Lagarde, gentle, beautiful and protracted though it was, was a constant reminder of just how little water is around and just how quickly things that are used to a constant source of it can yield to its lack.  The outdoor temperature gauge, or thermometer as they were called in the old days, was also a constant reminder of why we should just keep moving in the air conditioned vehicle for as long as we possibly could.

Hunger eventually drove us to a halt, but we cleverly timed our journey so that we were within a few dozen metres of the we did it was beside the main square in Toul which is actually so far from being square geometrically that it is called “the Round Place”.  It matters little what it is called though, at its very heart there is a fountain and gardens which combine with the low humidity to condition the air, and it is quite conveniently we thought surrounded by shaded cafés with signs saying “Lunch Special Today”.

Here for the price of a cup of coffee, and perhaps a sandwich or two, and oh alright we’ll have a waffle and perhaps another coffee, we could sit all afternoon holding court, slowly forming a plan for tomorrow, involving spending much more time in the air-conditioned car, and perhaps ending with ice cream.

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