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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Without Illumination - Tuesday - 28th July -
Champigneulles to Nancy

We only ever go to Nancy for the lights.  Well we also like the people in the port, and the buildings, and the layout of the town, and the shops are mostly nice, and the parks, and the markets and we could go on forever about how pleasant the place is, but it’s the light and sound performance each summer evening in Stanislas Square that is a highlight of our visit.

Of all the attractions in France it is the one that can be relied upon, rain hail or shine, every evening from July to September, at eleven PM, as soon as it’s dark the show goes on.

And here we were in Place Stanislas, our one night stay in Nancy planned for that very purpose, to find it under renovation.   Every building in the square has scaffold being erected, and it will soon no doubt be covered in a swathe of green or perhaps building printed plastic, not at all conducive to receiving projected images.  The show did not go on.

“Perhaps next year when the work is finished.”

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Jack said...

What a bummer! There should be some happy traditions one can count on.

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