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Friday, August 07, 2015

Normal transmission returns - Tuesday - 4th August -

When the rain came it wasn’t much, certainly not enough to break the drought, but it did at least provide a small return to the sort of temperature which most would find pleasant. In short sleeves and almost cool enough for jeans, it was the ideal time to expend a bit of energy on awkward things made more awkward by layers of sweat, grime and discomfort.   Even the flies went to wherever flies go when they aren’t clouded around the boat.

But why would we waste the first comfortable day in aeons by doing anything at all?  We therefore took advantage of the respite by pretending it was Sunday, putting all our jobs on hold, reading, writing and generally conserving our strength.

We even thought about moving on for a fleeting moment, but after another snooze to contemplate how far we might go, that thought disappeared entirely.  Besides, George and Karen are due to arrive tomorrow, and they come bearing fly spray.

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Jack said...

A welcome sight after the boiling heat you have been enduring.

And you are so happy to see friends arriving with bug spray? All these years I have been wasting my money on nice bottles of wine.

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