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Friday, August 07, 2015

Sits and thinks (again!) - Monday - 3rd August -

There are days when, despite the ever present tendency to whinge when the temperature reaches thirty-seven degrees for much of the day or the clouds of flies that descend upon us for reasons best known to them, that the show must go on.

Perhaps inspired by the team at the port buzzing like the flies as they raced to get eighteen boats prepared for charter this morning, we too kept going, varnishing, sorting, washing, sweating and occasionally perhaps sitting and thinking for a bit from time to time and then as the cool of the evening descended,  thinking for a bit more.

While staring into the calm of the empty harbour, we found a new imponderable:-  How is it, that a small team of cleaners and technicians can service and prepare eighteen boats taking them from a state of shabby just returned from hire, to pristine in just one morning, while we work for days, weeks  even on one boat which wasn’t all that shabby to begin with, and yet our work is never done?

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Jack said...

Very pretty. Love that glassy water. Let out a deep sigh . . .

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