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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Splendid - Sunday 26th July -
Day trip to Nancy

George and Karen didn’t hire a Micra, or perhaps they did, but when their car arrived it was well… bigger.  Perhaps not quite enough room for a pony, but enough for two extras none the less, therefore when they invited us to come for a drive this afternoon it took about two seconds for us to forget our plan to depart this morning, and to accept their very kind offer.    

That the weather was a little on the glum side had no bearing on this decision of course, although it may have had a tiny bearing on the manner in which our intended amble through the parks and alleyways of Nancy somehow transformed into a rather elegant afternoon over cake and coffee in the Brasserie L’Excelsior, where the staff, breathing deeply in their post-luncheon vaccum kindly found seats for us and treated us as guests despite our lack of reservation, or long trousers.

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Jack said...

A gorgeous place. I have three free days in France in September and have been mulling over where to spend them, and Nancy has some possibilities.

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