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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Over the hill - Monday 10th August -
Niderviller to Lutzelbourg

There was a bit of trepidation today as we passed the point of no return, riding down the ship lift at Arzviller which has effectively been out of action for two years, apart from that tiny period last year when we managed a weekend at it’s base, two days before it failed again.

Despite the assurances of the staff, we wondered if this was a one way trip, but we took it anyway and once again snugged up in Lutzelbourg, the village that so often we have compared to a model railway layout.  

We climbed to the ruins of the chateau, because we don’t feel as though we are in Lutzelbourg until we’ve viewed the boat from there, and visited the bakery, which was closed.  Because we don’t feel we’ve been in Lutzelbourg until we’ve had some of the marvellous produce from that particular establishment, we decided we’d stay tomorrow as well.

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