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Monday, August 24, 2015

We never can say goodbye. - Thursday 20th August -

While one of us was getting into her tasks with something approaching alacrity, the other was becoming ever so increasingly concerned that no play could make him a very dull boy.   Having had occasion through no fault of my own to return to the hire car company on three occasions during the course of the day, the side of the work list market “his” was not featuring terribly many items crossed out I’m afraid, and the adjudicator wouldn’t accept my way of amelioration by making three crosses through the one marked “pick up hire car” either.

Things were indeed a little skewed in the who’s done what department, so rather than try to catch up, an impossible task anyway starting as I was from so far behind, a suggestion was gently dropped that we should make use of the car, by tracking down a few of our departed (not in the “from this life” sense I hasten to add), friends for one last catch-up in the evening.

All we need say is that George and Karen need to find better places to hide if they don’t want to be making dinner for a couple of extras, and similarly a little further upstream Jürgen and Ele’s plans for an early night vanished along with our own.  Hopefully the work tomorrow really will take care of itself. 

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