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Friday, August 07, 2015

Short and curlies- Saturday - 1st August -

For some years, I am afraid to admit, and I suppose I should apologise to those who have been confined within it, that the forward cabin and facilities have been in a state of not-quite complete.   To be fair to the one who could quite rightly be accused of procrastination, scraping the old stain from the timber trims is a thankless, painful task, requiring a certain degree of patience and a small gulp of masochism.  Therefore it is both logical and understandable that many other tasks have found themselves higher up the list of things to do in the intervening period.

Sadly for one of us, a beaut new version of an old-fangled scraper appeared as if by magic in a hardware store the other day, and the task suddenly found itself back at the head of the list.  Happily though, said scraper made much quicker work of the job, and by long before dinner time the (by now quite old) brand new can of varnish was cracked open and the first coat was on.

One doesn’t have to be Nostradamus to predict what will be happening around here for a day or two. 


1 comment

Jack said...

Well, it is about time! Your viewers were losing their patience.

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