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Monday, August 17, 2015

Arzviller by bike - Tuesday 11th August -

There we were in one of our favourite towns, on one of our favourite bike paths, having a picnic made from products from one of our favourite bakeries with our new best friends, and to be blunt the only thing that could have improved the day would have been to put just a bit more ‘temperate’ in the temperature.

But we battled on as is our way, to check that the Arzviller ship lift was still in operation, past all the old lock houses and the sign announcing that the council is spending almost two million Euros to keep it all beautiful, as if that would make us more appreciative of its effort than we already are, back to the glass-blowers’ studio which was quite predictably, some may say inevitably, closed.  

Sadly the little crepe and coffee stand near the lock was not closed either, luring us as a siren would as we attempted to pass, compelling the less feminine in our midst felt to risk carbo-something overdose by sampling a selection of its sugary goodness, which it must be said did seem to compliment the tarts and croissants consumed earlier.  It is no easy thing being responsible for the well being of the economies in so many countries. 


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