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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Among friends - Wednesday 26th August

All things considered we were quite bright eyed and bushy tailed by the time we arrived in Ratingen, just in time for our second breakfast.  We suspect that Günter and Alexa’s tummies may have been rumbling a bit while they waited for us to battle with the morning traffic on the autobahn, but all’s well that ends in a meal.

It wasn’t long before they had us out and about again, leading us on the best kind of guided tour there is; the kind where a pair of people who grew up in a place simply wander through their favourite streets and hangouts and allow us the privilege of tagging along. Thus it was that in what seemed like no time at all we had picked the eyes out of the place in a tourism sense, and according to our trusty pedometers had covered fourteen kilometres in the process, stopping only to eat and drink several times along the way.

Eventually we called of a sight-seeing truce, collectively deciding that enough was enough for one day and that perhaps it was time to light the barbecue and settle down to some serious conversation about the mysteries of life and Wuppertal, and wooly mammoths and Roman soldiers and how chance meetings of strangers can from the foundations of lifetime friendships.  

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