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Monday, August 31, 2015

Then the rain came... - Thursday 27th August
Back to Belgium

The day started so well too.   Sure the spectre of departure loomed over us, but that was later and we still had much to discuss or perhaps not much at all but we did anyway as we lingered over breakfast in that way that people do when there is reluctant parting to be had.

Eventually we could linger no more and naturally that was exactly when the rain began, settling in to a steady drizzle before we hit the motorway.  So we crossed Belgium in a sheet of spray, visibility marginal at motorway speed and hopeful that the traffic would not approach from behind too quickly.  We had a choice of facing the congestion around Antwerp or Brussels.   Either one would certainly provide a respite from the high speed madness, and we chose the latter or our highly intelligent GPS which knows about these things did.  As the trucks snarled around us for an hour while we covered the sixteen kilometres on the express ring road, we could only be thankful that we had for once managed to avoid the really bad hold ups.

It hadn’t been an easy drive, and when at last we arrived to clearing weather, we watched the sunset from Dave and Ria’s back deck, feeling as though today we’d earned it.


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