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Monday, August 24, 2015

Smoke gets in my eyes - Saturday 22nd August -

We haven’t used the diesel heater for a while, so rather than doing anything constructive like for instance, fitting the boat covers in perfect weather for it, one of us decided that it might be worth blowing out its cobwebs so to speak.   That might have been forgivable had the cobwebs been actual cobwebs and not a few years’ worth of soot and smoke.  Even that might have been forgiven had the clothes line not been laden with the remnants of the last load of washing for the year.

In an instant the last load of washing became the second last and really we should have been fitting the covers while the weather was fine but after all it hasn’t rained all year, so tomorrow would do.

Besides, Jørn and Birgit need groceries and we could do with some hardware stuff and we have a car.

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