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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One last night - Monday - 17th August -
Hesse to Bataville

We left our little hidden mooring outside of Hesse as soon as we woke this morning, which for those who are paying attention was a good hour after we left Saverne the other day, but still early enough for the mist to be rising off the water, and the steam for the kettle to fog all the windows as we went along.  It wasn’t as though we really needed to leave early, but that restlessness that draws us ever onwards when we are homeward bound would not settle until we did.

It is a nice time of day to be underway, but isn’t it amazing how things go perfectly when one has all the time in the world. Even the Rechicourt lock opened its gates to receive us as soon as we came into view.  We were making such great time that it did take an effort not to cover those last eight kilometres or so to our journey’s end, but it was the prospect of spending one last night “in the wild” with nothing but a hundred cows and a thousand flies for company that in the end proved irresistable.   

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