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Monday, August 24, 2015

Paying the price - Sunday 23rd August -

Ahh, well, anyway we aren’t that good at covering the boat unless it’s raining.   Not that we’ve ever tried, although we nearly did today, but the forecast changed overnight and now there may not be respite for a few days.

So when it came time to try out a few ideas for the back cover, by the time we got to the picnic table that serves so faithfully as our workbench, and fired up the trusty Singer it was in a misty sort of drizzle.  I know, I know… we’ve had all year to do this, but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s finished by tomorrow morning, we will be underway.

Actually, there are a few other things that have to be finished by tomorrow morning as well.  Possibly there are a lot of things to be finished.

All will be well I’m sure.

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Jack said...

Midge, I got quite a good chortle out of reading your last few days' worth of mini-calamities. This is fun, right?

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