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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Maggie’s Birthday - Wednesday 22nd July -
Day trip to Lagarde

The heat is still making things decidedly uncomfortable so we decided at the very last minute to break with tradition and not hold a celebration for Maggie’s birthday on the good ship Joyeux.   Instead, the mountain would go to (insert politically correct prophet of choice). We’d hire a car for a few days (buy one get two almost free) and high-tail it back to Lagarde and our favourite oasis, which admittedly when we arrived was looking a little less oasis like than usual.  There, as a special birthday treat, Maggie spent the afternoon preparing food for us to consume into the evening, and then the night, and perhaps a little bit of the next morning as well.  So lavish was the feast that we couldn’t help but wonder why we hadn’t thought of celebrating her birthday at her place before. 

It’s been a while since we whinged about the weather, but seriously this monster humidity free summer of mid to high thirty degree temperatures just keeps rolling on with no sign of respite in sight.   Relentless it is, it feels just a bit like home. It’s quite strange, walking across what is usually lush lawn to the accompaniment of that crunch underfoot to which only those who have seen serious drought can relate.  

Perhaps we’ll all be “rooned” here too.

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