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Friday, July 29, 2022

But we know what we like
Thursday 28th July - Gent

It’s not as though we don’t like art of the modern genre, we do, quite a lot.  The current exhibition at Gent’s Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art is titled “Solitude” in commemoration of recent lockdowns is a curious and sometimes thought provoking collection of works by artists who have created a series under self imposed or forced restrictions.  We were even prepared to part with enough money to pay for a couple of family sized pizzas to see it.

As usual, among the thoughts provoked was that recurring question of what would happen to the arts if the same level of drug testing were applied to, particularly to procurers and curators, as are applied to athletes competing at the highest levels.

It’s a story told before, but one we like to recall every time we see a particularly esoteric work of the  “modern” genre:  

Many years ago we were in the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, with our three quiet and it must be said, very well behaved little primary school aged mice. who had pottered off a chamber or two ahead of their pondering parents.   Suddenly there was a clatter of running feet and a shout from all three clearly returning with some urgency to the consternation of all in the entire gallery:

“DAD!…. DAD!” they shouted as one, at a terribly indiscreet level of decibels, followed by the inverse of what most parents think in galleries of that ilk:


Which is why we giggled together yesterday while standing in front of a few squiggles of black ink beside a plaque reading: “Untitled No5”.   

I wouldn’t even have to think up a name!


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Vallypee said...

I’m inclined to agree with your delightful little mice :)

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