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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Tuesday 26th July - Gent to Gent

Mooring in the shadow of a bike and motorway flyover is not everyone’s idea of a peaceful environment, even if it is at the edge of a large parkland.  From experience we know that city motorways lie dormant once the evening peak is over, and the morning traffic never seems to be a bother.  Lonely moorings are great on days like yesterday when the monster wind gusts would have made docking among other boats challenging at best or even quite dangerous.

Here, just a kilometre or so from the heart of the city, we thought we were tucked quietly away from view, hidden from the hordes of park users, and from everyone else, but we didn’t account for Charlie.  He had caught a glimpse of our odd little blue boat while flying over the flyover, found an urgent exit and a place to park and jogged over to investigate.  Somewhat bemused at what is now the third such outpouring of attention in two weeks, we of course conducted a grand tour and kept him in our clutches for a sufficiently long time that he was at real risk of getting a parking ticket. 

Perhaps it’s that the colour, for years thought to be quite eccentric, is close to being back in fashion.

On the other hand living on a parkland can be interesting as well.  

For instance; it’s not the first time we’ve been cordially welcomed by our fellow park dwellers and we are sure that had the sunrise jazzercise mob (which to be fair had carefully chosen a place as far from any residence as possible), known that we were sleeping just the other side of the trees, it may have turned down the boombox just a teensy notch or perhaps even stuck the headphones on.



Vallypee said...

What a delightful encounter. Charlie’s interest must have been as rewarding as it was surprising. I’m sorry about the jazzercise session, though. We’ve never experienced that...Probably a legacy of Covid!

bitingmidge said...

Yes the 6:00 am out of bed was a bit unsatisfactory! But it was as lovely as you promised, and conditions were very tricky by the time we arrived so we were very grateful for it!

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