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Saturday, March 06, 2010

According to the forecast we'll be packing up in 20-40 millimetres of rain tomorrow.  If that's the case, we may just stay put for a bit, but we've seen plenty of good bits in clear weather, like the middens at the five mile for instance.
It's a long weekend here, and apparently this is the closest beach to Victoria that allows four wheel drive vehicles and the town is over run by macho tyres and orange flags on tall antenna.  It's been quite bizarre thus far in a pleasant sort of way, having our neighbours as neighbours in a camping ground, but today we are alone, catching up with friends we didn't know we had.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I see on the news there was a very big dump of rain down south so hopefully not too big where you are. That's the fun of camping (and blogging) so many new friends to mix in with the old.

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