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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burnbrae - Beyond Thunderdome

This morning dawned allf mountain misty.  Burnbrae didn't want us to leave, and for that matter we were happy to comply. We put up a good fight though and managed to tear ourselves from its spell by late morning.

It's a special place for us, full of memories of good times and great friendship but when we are there we experience a sort of timelessness.  

I want to was lyrical about it all, about being enveloped by it's warmth, hugged by its corridors, and likening it to an old and friendly security blanket, but I can't find words that don't make it all sound so corny and shallow.

We are heading north, back along the coast.  Newcastle tonight, and more old friends.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Oooh your photography makes the place look so good.

bitingmidge said...

Burnbrae does the work, posing in all weather conditions, I just sort of click the shutter!

And it does look good, with or without the photos!

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