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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Talk about urban tapestry.  Some some of the new houses in Altona look like building material display centres, but I still like the way one can see the water at the end of the street beyond the red brick fences.

Lattes on the street, then back on the road.  We'd only spent two nights under roof, but we both felt strangely as though we were "on our way" again as we turned the car onto the Eastbound Freeway, or " "Freeway E B N D" as the lady in the sat nav software was fond of calling it.

As usual we had no plan, intending to stay at a more or less remote beach near Phillip Island, but missed the turn by travelling inland for a time, and ended up in Inverloch, which when last we visited, was in Scotland.

Goodness our life can cause confusion, or maybe it's the Cold tablets I've been taking.   That's what I blamed on the fact that I discovered my wallet missing this morning, only to find it in the jeans I'd worn two nights ago.

Just as well I didn't try to buy anything yesterday!

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Julie said...

Hah! What especially intruiges me with this (intruiges doesn't look right) is the blur on the 3D bit of the brick fence.

Fancy that!
Fancy, that.

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