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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good Decision

It looks as though we've missed the worst of the weather, although it's been rather windy and therefore quite chilly as well.  It's probably the lack of shadow in the photo that tells the story, but we left Narrawong with the car heater on, had a sausage roll in Port Fairy and after a detour to see friends in Garvoc, ended up in Port Campbell for tonight.

Last night we were jolted into reality though, having been invited to meet friends in Ballarat on Friday.  A deadline!  It took time to confront the idea, but we came to terms with it and for the next few days we are running to a schedule.  Three days to cover two hundred kilometres, doesn't sound like a big ask, but we're quite used to not having deadlines at the moment.

And then someone told us about Easter!  Gasp!  It looks as though we are going to have to cut the last part of this journey short, or risk having nowhere to camp.   

Meanwhile back at the ranch, their people still haven't spoken to our people!


Joan Elizabeth said...

Crikey, I thought Easter was the end of April but your comment made me double check and it's early April. I must have been cross eyed last time I looked and saw the 2011 dates. We've got visitors over Easter, time to get my mind in gear.

bitingmidge said...

Hah! You've got visitors before Easter as well you know! ;-)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes I know that too ;-) any idea when yet? BTW I like the way you can see the wind in this shot.

bitingmidge said...

My email must be in your spam filter?

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