Legends from our own lunchtimes

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The day dawned surprisingly gloomily in Malacoota with a dull grey pall of smoke from the bushfires enveloping us and everything within view.  But the sun did it's best to blast through the smoke and succeeded well enough to sprinkle little layers of efflourescence behind every swimming creature.

We watched the magic for ages, sipping our coffee, quietly knitting our booties and trying to decide whether to move on or not.  "Not" we thought, and by ten we'd breakfasted and taken the odd photo and not moved from our seats, transfixed.   Off to the office to let them know and pay for another day or two we thought.

"Not today" they said, and so it came to be that we are spending tonight in Merimbula.

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Julie said...

Lovely place, Merimbula. I am off down that way at Easter, to Bermagui.

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