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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strange Days

Strange days indeed, and today was one of the stranger of it's type.  

We arrived safe and sound in the big smoke of course, to find that good progress had been made on the construction of our forthcoming granddaughter, which is more than can be said for progress on her intended place of abode.  After five weeks of rain, the inevitable cost and time overruns have taken their toll, so it looks like there'll be lots of family quality time involving building materials over the next few months.

Then of course there's the other new grandbaby, the one we hadn't taken into account in our planning, and while the construction progress may be well advanced too now, it's at a great cost to the actual constructor.  Sadly, Jen has spent more time in hospital than out of it of late, and after four days at home we trotted her off again for rehydration and in search of any comfort that can be provided.   And we thought she did it the hard way last time!

Of course in the back of our minds as ever, progress on the the negotiations grand has once again slowed, with promises by their people of the contract mid next week.  At least they haven't promised tomorrow again.

At home now, it seems as though we've been gone for months, and a lengthy catchup with neighbours has confirmed a complete lack of progress on all fronts, except that the minister has written to announce that she's going to make an announcement at the end of next month!

It seems that Christmas and Easter have once again failed to produce a deadline that could be achieved, so we are waiting once more for Christmas.  One wonders how things ever actually get done in countries where the birth and death of Jesus are not celebrated!

Who cares?  We actually feel retired at the moment, I wonder if that will last beyond tomorrow.

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